About Bev

Bev has been studying Tai Chi and Qigong since 1999. Intrigued after watching an episode of Neighbours which showed one of the characters performing Tai Chi, Bev looked for Tai Chi class in the area and after the first class she was completely hooked. She studied Yang Style with Zabeth Reid of Baos Lung Fei Tai Chi in Yeovil, with Mrs Men X Bao in Sherborne and attended workshops with the famous Tai Chi Grand Master, Professor Li Deyin. Mrs Men X Bao started Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi with her late husband Naijian Bao in 1987 and Bev continues to promote the club and it’s history through her own classes.

Encouraged into teaching by Zabeth, Bev undertook the necessary gradings required and began teaching initially as an Assistant Teacher in 2008 and after further gradings as a Teacher in 2015.

Bev continues to improve and enhance her Tai Chi practice attending workshops with the Deyin Taijichuan Institute (GB) and Grand Master Jesse Tsao in 2015 and Dr Paul Lam, Tai Chi for Health in 2018.

Bev is also qualified and registered as an Intermediate Instructor (I) with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB) and a member of the Deyin Taijichuan Institute (GB)

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