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All classes are a combination of Tai Chi Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan.

As a beginner this is a quick overview of what to expect:

All classes begin with a short warm up routine incorporating gentle stretches followed by a Qigong sequence. Following a short break, the class turns it attention to Tai Chi. Here you will learn its solid foundations such as posture, leg stances, stepping and various hand and foot techniques.

The following are taught in my classes:


18 movements of Yang-style Tai Chi Qigong (also known as Shibashi set 1)

18 movements of Chen-style Tai Chi Qigong (also known as Shibashi set 2)

The Yin and Yang Brocade

The Winter Brocade

Ba Duan Jin (also known as The Eight Treasures or Brocades)

Mountain-top qigong (devised by Angus Clark of Living Movement)

Three Circles Qigong

Yang style Tai Chi Chuan


Mrs Men Bao’s 10 forms

16 forms

10 forms (also known as the 8 form)

24 form (Beijing 24 Step Taijiquan)


24 Compact form

32 forms (mixture of styles, competition form)

88 forms (also known as the 104 or 108 forms)

Broadsword (Wu-style)

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